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September 9-11, 2022

Used Equipment Auction

Used Equipment Auction

2:00 p.m. Saturday Warm-up Arena



This a great opportunity to buy or sell all types of equipment: feeders, scales, seeders, electric fencers, trimming stands, carders, water tanks, hand tools, small farm implements – you name it! Fiber arts equipment and items also welcome!

Auctioneer: Bob Johnson, Badger State Auctions.

To Consign:

Go to

Click on: Special Events - Used Equipment Auction

Complete the consignment form and submit online or download 

consignment form and then bring consigned items to 

Warm-up Arena by 12:00 noon, Saturday.

Contact Sean Burton – 920-604-1095 (please leave message) 


15% of the gross receipts of all items sold through the Used Equipment Auction will be taken as a commission by the Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative. Items bid back by a consignor will be charged the 15% commission on the bid-out price. 


Payments to Consignors should be made within 4 to 6 weeks of the auction.

  1. All sales final.
  2. Items remaining on Festival grounds after 3:30 pm Sunday become property of the Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Co-op.
  3. No pharmaceuticals, vaccines, dewormers, insecticides, paints, herbicides, chemicals opened feeds of any type accepted.
  4. All items are as-is. No warranties express or implied provided by Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Co-op, Badger State Auctions or the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, LLC, which are not responsible for loss or damage of items consigned or purchased. 
  5. Festival admission is $10 per day, kids 8 and under free. Weekend pass, $20. Parking free.
  6. All purchases become responsibility of buyer at the point of sale.


By submitting the form I agree to have the above listed items at the Warm Up Arena at Jefferson Fair Park no later than Noon on Saturday of the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival.

Thanks for your support!

No pharmaceuticals, vaccines, dewormers, insecticides, paints, herbicides or chemicals.

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