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September 11-13, 2020

Crook & Whistle Stock Dog Trial

West Trial Field


Pro-Novice 1
Nursery 1
Pro-Novice 2


Nursery 2
Open 1
Start-Open 2


Finish-Open 2
Open 3
Novice 1
Novice 2


Susane Hoffman – Jordan, MN

I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and it was there that my love affair with dogs began — thanks to a little black and tan Dachshund called Anja. The dive into dog sports didn’t happen until I came to the U.S. It started with a dog that sorely needed some basic obedience training.
When I moved to Minnesota 26 years ago, I got a chance to try my then young Border collie Bodhi on sheep and the herding bug bit me immediately.  It is so fulfilling to work with a dog that is doing what s/he is bred for, and since I had always wanted to be a farmer, I got to fulfill that dream too, albeit on a small scale. I now run a small flock of about 25 – 30 sheep and breed about 9 to 10 ewes a year for my direct market lamb customers.
I’ve been trialing in a variety of venues for about 20 years with the last 10 or so almost exclusively in USBCHA.  I also do lessons 2 days a week and have about 20 regular students with mostly Border collies as well as a few of the loose-eyed upright breeds.       


$8 per person - $15 weekend gate pass
Kids 8 and under FREE
Parking FREE

Purchase weekend passes at the gates

Camping permits required for all overnight stays.
Reserve camping permits online at, clicking on the
Sheep and Wool Festival page. To contact the Jefferson County Fair Park office call
920 674-7148 weekdays 8:00 – 4:00

Enjoy the trial, but leave your pets at home.
Thank you!

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