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September 10-12, 2021

Hall of Breeds

Saturday – Sunday     Indoor Arena

No matter what kind or type of sheep may interest you - whether a breed for your fiber arts interests, a 4-H project, or possibly a flock of production sheep - stop by the Hall of Breeds where producers will be on hand to discuss the merits of the sheep they raise, along with breed history, primary purpose and characteristics. They can also provide information on breed registry and state/national association membership. Over sixty breeds of sheep are represented by the membership of the Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative. For more information, go to and click on Membership Info or look for the membership directory in this catalog.

Food and clothing for America — that’s what American sheep production is all about. That, and a lifelong commitment to quality and conservation. The sheep industry is a unique blend of the past, the present and the future. Each day, 110,000 men and women all over America put this combination to work for you. Producers are stewards of the land and their animals. For thousands of years, sheep producers have protected and developed their industry and its caring traditions. Today, they produce lamb and wool by natural grazing compatible with the environment. In a world filled with disposable products and chemical substitutes for nearly everything, the American sheep producers are proud of the high-quality food and clothing they produce from nature’s renewable resources. And these natural, renewable products are produced by one animal.

For more information on America’s sheep industry, visit the American Sheep Industry Association website,

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