Left 'Til The Festival
September 6-8, 2024


Friday- September 8



August 25



Friday – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm



  • Friday, September 8 - Open Wool and Meat Shows
  • Saturday, September 9 - Junior Wool and Meat Shows
  • Sunday, September 10 - Open Market Lamb Show
        2:00 PM - MAP Building - 2 Rings



Friday, September 8

Open Wool - Dustin Cruit, Taylorville, IL

Open Meat - Cassie Wallpe, Greensburg, IN



1 – Yearling Ram

2 – Fall Ram

3 – January Ram

4 – February Ram

5 – March 1 & Later Ram

6 – Yearling Ewe

7 – Fall Ewe

8 – January Ewe

9 – February Ewe

10 – March 1 & Later Ewe

Age Base Dates 

Yearling – Born Sept. 1, 2021 through Aug. 31, 2022

Fall Lamb – Born Sept. 1, 2022 through Dec. 31, 2022


Entries are open to all registered breeds and wether-type sheep. Exhibitors are limited to two entries in each individual class. Rams and ewes entered in wether-type breeding classes are not required to be registered and must list “wether-type” as the breed on the Sheep Entry Form. Order of show based on breeds entered. Sheep may not be shown in more than one breed in any given show.


Wether type:  Will be shown by weight.  Classes for lambs and yearlings will be available.  Enter animal in proper age class for entry purposes.  Scale will be open during designated check in times.  All animals must cross scale.


Awards Presented to all breed Champions and Res. Champions

Awards presented to top 3 Supreme Champions 


Junior Exhibitors:  Junior Exhibitors will receive a gate pass when entering GATE 1.

Adult Exhibitors:  Purchase admission at GATE 1 - Friday, Saturday and Sunday, $10 per person, kids 8 and under FREE.  3-day weekend pass $20.



Enter Online: $15 per head. If you have difficulty making an entry, contact the Festival office at 608 743-9080 (eve. after 5:00). Entry deadline August 25.

Late Entries:  No day of show entries.

Fees: Only those sheep for which the $15 entry fee has been remitted with application for entry will be permitted to be penned in the barns. Entry fees do not include admission to the Festival. 

Ownership: All breeding animals must be entered and exhibited under the registered name appearing on the records of the respective breed association as of August 25 of the current year.


Arrival & Entry Check-in: 


Sheep may begin arriving at 8:00 am on Friday. All sheep must be checked in prior to showing in their respective shows. All original registration certificates must be in order and presented at check-in. Non-registered, wether-type sheep must check in with a written record of birth dates and USDA scrapie tags. All sheep will have their official identification recorded. 

Health Certificates:  NOTE: Sheep originating from outside Wisconsin must be accompanied by a currently valid certificate of veterinary inspection for interstate movement, to be submitted at check-in. Superintendents will collect and hold health certificates until release, at which time a copy will be returned to exhibitors. No sheep showing any symptoms of contagious or infectious disease will be permitted to be unloaded, shown or exhibited. All sheep entries must comply with USDA scrapie regulations and programs and must be identified with official, individual scrapie identification. 

Parking: Please park all trailers in the designated areas. Parking next to barns and buildings is prohibited except for loading and unloading.

No In-transit Sheep:  In-transit sheep are not allowed in the barns or on the grounds. Only sheep for which the $15 per head entry has been paid will be allowed to be penned in the barns.

Departure: All Open and Junior breeding sheep may be dismissed following their respective shows, but have the option of remaining on exhibit through the close of the Festival at 3:30 p.m. Sunday. 

Cleaning Pens: All permanent pens must be cleaned and manure hauled to a dumpster before exhibitors leave the festival or a $20 per pen cleaning fee will be assessed.

Showing from Trailers: Exhibitors who choose to show out of their trailers must clean up all waste associated with their exhibit and place back on their trailer, haul to a dumpster or place in a trash receptacle. Trailers will be monitored by festival staff. 

No dogs in the barns! 

Penning:  Pens will be available if exhibitors choose to pen their entries but are welcome and encouraged to show out of their trailers from the designated trailer parking area. Pens will be assigned by show superintendent. Due to limited available penning, tack pens may not be allowed. Please plan accordingly.

Questions?  Superintendent Eric Meudt, 608-921-2933 or [email protected] 

All decisions made by show management are final.



Click on the ENTER NOW button. (A new tab will open at Showorks. All registrations/payments are handled by ShoWorks.)

  • Once at ShoWorks, you will need to CREATE AN ACCOUNT(user name and password) - even if you have entered or registered in previous years.
  • Find the type of entry/order you wish to place. Under DEPARTMENT, select SHEEP SHOWS, then under DIVISION, select JUNIOR SHEEP SHOW
  • ORDER- Once you have an entry in your shopping cart, you can save your progress and return at a later time. Returning users can sign in with user name and password. 
  • PAYMENT- No saved registrations can be guaranteed unless payment is made. Payment must be made by credit card at the end of the registration process through our secure online system.

·  When you are finished registering, you’ll receive an email confirmation. PRINT YOUR ORDER in case your email confirmation does not go through. Check your junk or spam folders if you do not receive an email confirmation. If you forget to print your order, or entered an incorrect email address, ShoWorks stores your order in your profile. You may reprint it at anytime.

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