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September 6-8, 2024


Left 'Til The Festival

Instructor Proposal

Do you have a class you would like to teach? Tell us about it. We love all types of fiber and fiber related classes. Class proposals can be submitted any time.

Submission Deadline: December 15th. Proposals submitted after December 15 will be held for consideration for the following year’s festival.

In order for your proposal to be considered, you must email a square (1:1) bio photo and two (2) square (1:1) photos for each workshop you have applied for to [email protected] or add through this form. Links to videos or anything else that will help both us and the students understand the class proposal are also welcome.

We generally prefer multi-day or full-day (6 hour) classes, but half-day (3 hour) workshops are welcome. If applying with half-day classes, it is preferred if you submit multiple classes for consideration, or be willing to teach the same class twice in one day.

Fields marked with * are required.


2 places you’ve taught in the last 24 months

Max of 20

Instructors are responsible for bringing all easels, dry erase boards, projectors, hot water kettles, hot plates, etc needed for their class. All classrooms have electric and adequate lighting.

(example: days you cannot teach)