Left 'Til The Festival
September 6-8, 2024

Walk & Knit & Walk & CrochetChallenge Relay!

Saturday – 4:30 (See Map)

The Walk & Knit Challenge Relay is back and now with an opportunity for crocheters to take part in the fun! Walk & Knit was inspired by a similar team-relay race that takes place in Estonia, known there as Käi ja Koo. Put a team of four together for this friendly, fun, fast-paced, walking and knitting – or walking and crocheting – event. OR sign up individually and we will put a team together for you. Proceeds from this event will support youth activities related to wool. If you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, come and watch as teams take on the challenge of knitting/crocheting while walking, and cheer on your favorite team!
Over $1,100 in prizes donated in 2022 by our amazing Country Store vendors!


Now that you know the "rocking time" is one minute of rocking in a rocking chair and weaving among the cones, we're adding the last surprise! Form a team and find out what it is!

walk and knit image


  • Each team will have a single knitting or crocheting project. The yarn ball will be kept in a knitting project bag, hanging on the competitor’s wrist. The bag and project will be handed over from one team member to another at the end of each lap, as in a relay race.
  • Each team member walks one lap about 100 yards long, while knitting in stockinette stitch on circular needles OR crocheting single crochets (sc) with a crochet hook
  • Points will be given to each team based on the number of stitches knit or crocheted (higher number of stitches = more points) and the time to finish the course (faster time = more points), and points will be subtracted for errors (dropped stitches, etc). The team with the most points wins.
  • Teams will be composed of four members (at the discretion of the judges, teams with fewer members may participate and individual members may walk more than one lap so that a total of four laps are completed by each team)
  • Supplies (yarn, circular needles, hooks, knitting project bags) will be provided by organizers.
  • All team members must report to Walk & Knit Way (the road just south of WOW Classes Bldg #1) between 3:45-4:15 on Saturday. The event will take place on Walk & Knit Way beginning at 4:30 pm.
  • Knitting Teams: Before the start, each team’s knitting project will be prepared, with 100 stitches cast on and the first four rounds knit using sport-weight yarn and size 5 circular needles.
  • Crocheting Teams: Before the start, each team’s crocheting project will be prepared, with 51 ch(s) and 50 sc(s) on foundation row and first 4 rows using sport weight yarn and size G hook.
  • The race takes place on an asphalt surface. Please wear suitable footwear and be aware that knitting needles and crochet hooks can be hazardous. Festival and organizers are not liable for injuries.
  • IMPORTANT! Please email Lisa Shuppe ([email protected]) by September 1 if you are forming a team or you are entering as an individual so that the proper number of kits can be prepared. Note if knit or crochet.


TEAM - $25 


(Individuals assigned to a team day of contest)

Walk-Ins MAY be accepted (or may not be able to be accommodated). Those persons registering as an individual will be assigned to teams by the organizers. No refunds given for cancellations. Questions? Text/email Lisa Shuppe, [email protected], 262 573-3110.




. Bring your entry form and fees to Wonders of Wool Building 1 

between 3:45 and 4:00 pm Saturday


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