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September 10-12, 2021

Poster Contest

New Location - Sale Arena

Youth Sweepstakes Event!

Open to all ages (Age as of January 1, current year)

Color book Ages 3 – 7
Beginner Ages 8 – 10
Junior Ages 11 – 13
Intermediate Ages 14 - 16
Senior: Ages 17 – 21
Adult: 22 and up

Categories for 2020

Color book Picture – Ages 3-7 only

Poster Requirements:

    1. Posters may be either vertical or horizontal.
    2. You may enter up to two (2) posters total – one each, in two different categories.
    3. For Color Book Pictures – Contact Nancy Burton for details. (See contact info below) This year’s color book picture can also be found and downloaded from the WSWF website.
    4. You may use a variety of materials in making your poster, such as markers, tissue paper, natural fiber material, colored pencils, etc.
    5. Promotional posters can be about your flock, farm, breed, products such as wool, lamb or sheep dairy products, or about Wisconsin’s or the national sheep industry.
    6. Educational posters must be instructional and should either teach something about sheep, sheep products or inform or teach viewers about the sheep industry.
    7. Judges have the option of moving posters to another category.
    8. Please take a clear, close up photo of your entire poster and save it as a jpg with a file size of approximately 1 - 2 MB.
    9. Include the name, address, phone number, age/age division, and category in your email, along with your poster photo.
    10. Posters/Color Book pictures should be emailed to Nancy Burton at no later than August 15, 2020.
    11. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Burton at phone 715 584-1093 or email

All participants will receive a participation gift made possible by our sponsor, Heart Prairie Sheep and Cattle Company, Argyle, WI. 
The top two posters from each age category in each category, Educational and Promotional, will receive an additional prize."
Posters will be displayed at our webpage.

Winning entries may be reproduced by the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival, LLC 
 or by the Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative.


Beginners-Ages 8-10
Onan Retzlaff Age 9/10 "Lamb Chop Haven" 1st
Katherine Crudden Age 9 "Windy Ridge Acres" 2nd
Abigail Wamsley Age 9 "PW Sheep Farm" 3rd
Arabella Knuth Age 9 "Rocky Creek Tunis & Club Lambs" 4th

Junior - Ages 11-13
Alivia Porter Age 11 "Laparoscopic Artifical Insemination" 1st
Maggie Stalbaum Age 13 "Skirting Fleeces" 2nd
Evan Retzlaff Age 11/12 "Digestive System of a Sheep"

Intermediate - Ages 14-16
Amara Bugenhagen Age 15 "Common Sheep Health Issues" 1st
David Thompson Age 14 "Destination Rumination" 2nd
Lauren Thompson Age 15 "Sheep Feet & Leg Structure" 3rd
Vivian Stephenson Age 14 "Slick Shearing" 4th
Abby Stalbaum Age 14 "Wool vs Sheipa" 5th
Hayden Taylor Age 15 "Hampshire" 6th

Intermediate - Ages 14-16
Vivian Stephenson Age 14 "Sugar Ridge Ranch" 1st

Senior - Ages 17-21
Hannah Taylor Age 21 "Wonderful Wool" 1st
Mara Quarne Age 17 "Fleece Color Determination in Ovines" 2nd
Blake Johnson Age 19 "Nutritional Cycle of the Successful Ewe Flock" 3rd
Nathan Thompson Age 18 "Sheep By-Products" 4th
Justin Taylor Age 17 "Lincoln Longwool" 5th



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