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We are no longer accepting Wonders of Wool Instructor Proposals for 2023. You are welcome to submit your proposals for consideration in 2024. See Classes-Education-Wonders of Wool.

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September 8-10, 2023

Lead-Line & Costume Class

Saturday - 6:00 pm - Sale Arena

The Lead Line is a competition where entrants are judged on the fashion and fit of their wool garments (purchased or handmade) while leading a sheep. The objective of this event is to present a class of sheep in the most attractive manner, to give spectators a real opportunity to view a style show and to improve the image of a sheep show that promotes wool. This event showcases the beauty and versatility of wool clothing for all occasion wear and gives youth the opportunity to showcase their involvement in the sheep industry.


The Sheep Costume Class is open to any individual or family interested in sheep. The object is to promote lamb and wool. The exhibit is to be judged on the attractiveness and originality of the costume and theme or idea presented by both competitor and sheep. This class is open to all exhibitors 6 months to 100 years of age! *All other rules apply. The Costume Class is not Youth Sweepstakes eligible.

Lead Line Entry Fee: $10 per entrant
Costume Contest Entry Fee: $10 per entrant or group.



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Late Entries: Late entries will be accepted until September 1 with an entry fee of $15.
Late entries should enter online
Location: Sale Arena (Open and Junior Sheep Show Arena)
Schedule: 5:00 – 5:45 p.m. – Check-in
6:00 p.m. – Lead Line – Classes will enter youngest to oldest.
1. Entrants must wear a garment made of wool; garments may be purchased or constructed by or for the entrant and should be age appropriate and lend elegance to the class. The garment should be made of at least 70% wool. Does not apply to Sheep Costume Class. Please see above for *Sheep Costume Class requirements
2. Sheep must be a ewe or market lamb (of any age – no rams), conditioned, fitted and trained to show at halter. Rules for exhibiting sheep at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival will apply to these animals. Lead Line sheep do not have to be owned by the contestant.
3. Entrants must provide a one-page commentary of 200 words or less to be read during the class including the following: breed of sheep being led, sponsor of the animal (if any), brief biography, awards received, hobbies, sheep interests, schooling and description of garment.
Please write the commentary in the third-person and as it will be read by the announcer (e.g. “Sue is leading a Hampshire yearling ewe named.” Not “I am leading…”). Commentary must be typed and turned in at the Festival by 12:00 pm at Registration on the day of the event. Failure to submit commentary will void the entry and entry fee. There will be no exception to this rule. Entry fees are non-refundable.
4. Entrant’s age on January 1 of the current year should be used to determine his/her class.


Costume Class
Class 1 – Beginner Costume Class (age 10 and under)
Class 2 – Intermediate Costume Class (age 11- 15)
Class 3 – Senior Costume Class (16 and above)

** The age group for the costume class is subject to change: will depend on number of participants.
** If participating in the Costume Class, you may have a team of individuals; however cash prizes will be split amongst the team.

Lead Line
Class 4 – Age 9 and under
Class 5 – Ages 10-12
Class 6 – Ages 13-16
Class 7 – Ages 17-21
Class 8 – Over 21

5. Awards: Cash prizes for 1st through 4th places as follows:

• 1st Place $25
• 2nd Place $20
• 3rd Place $15
• 4th Place and down - $10

6. Have difficulty accessing the Festival website? Contact 608 743-9080 evenings after 5:00 or email
Questions? Please call Kristen Nelson at 608-345-9296 or email

Judging Standards:

A. Garment Construction; visibility of wool
Style and/or Fashion Accessories
B. Entrant’s Poise
Entrant’s Appearance
C. Control of Animal
Presentation and Appearance of Animal

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