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We are no longer accepting Wonders of Wool Instructor Proposals for 2023. You are welcome to submit your proposals for consideration in 2024. See Classes-Education-Wonders of Wool.

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September 8-10, 2023

Judging Contest

Youth Judging Contest

Youth Judging Contest

Saturday - Sale Arena     A Youth Sweepstakes Activity!

Pick up packets beginning at 8:00 a.m. in the Sale Arena

Work at your own pace, but DO YOUR OWN WORK!!!

By participating in this event you are automatically entered in the
Youth Sweepstakes contest. (See Youth Sweepstakes for more details.)

Age Divisions: (Age as of January 1)
Beginners: 7 - 9 Junior: 10 – 12 Intermediate: 13 - 16 Senior: 17 - 21
NEW! – To help with scoring we are asking Youth Sweepstakes participants to pre-register through ShoWorks! Day-of-contest registrations are still accepted!

Contest Makeup:
Place 2 to 3 classes of Breeding Sheep Wool Fleece Class
Place 1 class of Market Lambs 10 Questions for each class

To maximize the educational opportunities of this event, official placings and answers to all questions will be posted at the conclusion of the event and will also be posted on the WSWF website soon after the festival. If you have never competed in a livestock judging contest or are a seasoned pro looking to keep your skills sharp, this contest is for you!
Youth Sweepstakes results will be announced via social media following festival.

Winners will be announced via Social Media (Facebook Live) Wednesday, September 14th. Like and Follow the “Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival” Facebook page for more info!


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