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September 11-13, 2020

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Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival

The Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative Board of Directors announces a modified format of the 2020 Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. The rationale for this modified event is based on guidelines presented to WSBC by our host site, Jefferson County Fair Park.
The 2020 Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival in a virtual as well as live format that would include the following events, as well as other virtual events or features, if deemed financially effective.
* Fleece Sale
* Sheep Shows
* Lead-line Competition
* Virtual Photo Contest
* Virtual Poster Contest
* Make it with Wool Competition
The festival will be held in this modified format for one year. Our Country Store vendors will be featured on the festival website and Facebook page where we will provide links and and/or contact information through which you may support those small business entrepreneurs who help to make this event possible.
Thank-you for your support and understanding in this time as we continue to meet the WSBC mission and by-laws through our premier event, The Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival. 


Wisconsin Make It With Wool 2020
2020 has definitely been a trying year for many of us. We strive to find joy in the simple things and cherish the memories we're making. Most of the events we love to attend have been cancelled, and we find ourselves questioning if and when things will ever return to the way they once were. The 2020 Wisconsin Make It With Wool contest will be happening this year, but it too will look very different than it has in the past.

This year, Wisconsin contestants will NOT be meeting at the Jefferson County Fair Park to compete in the Make It With Wool Competition. Instead, contestants will mail their forms, fees, fabric swatches, outfit, photos, and video to Wynn Wittkopf by September 12. Please make sure you read and follow the requirements.

Judging will take place on Saturday, September 26, in Pewaukee, WI by a team of three judges. The results will be posted and the outfits and photos will be mailed back to the contestants.

The Junior and Senior Winners will advance to the National Make It With Wool contest held in Denver, CO in January 2021, if this contest occurs. This year, the Preteen and Adult winner will receive cash awards. Unfortunately, there will NOT be a Novelty contest held this year, but will return in 2021.

I realize the joy of Make It With Wool is gathering together to "Ooooooo and Aaahhh" over one another's outfits, to get inspired, share experiences, build relationships, encourage one another, learn new techniques and share our love for sewing with wool with the public. I realize MIWW 2020 will not include these joys, but please know we are doing the best we can to offer you this opportunity. You can be certain that I will be "Oooooing and Aaahhhing" with every package that arrives!

Wynn Wittkopf,
State Director, Wisconsin Make It With Wool For complete information and entry forms, go to Competitions - Make It With Wool.

Updates will be made to our website over the next several months.
Please monitor our Facebook sites for immediate information.

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