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September 6-8, 2019

Hall of Breeds

Saturday – Sunday
Indoor Arena

Of the 374 sheep breeds in the world listed by Wikipedia, close to sixty are represented among the members of the Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative.n

Some producers raise sheep that have very fine wool, well suited for the fiber industry, such as Coopworths or Merinos. Others raise hair sheep such as Katahdins that are adaptable to hot weather climates, while many producers specialize in meat breeds like Suffolks or Hampshires. There are breeds such as the East Friesian that produce excellent quality milk used in the growing Wisconsin sheep dairy industry and there are also producers making an effort to keep more exotic breed populations at a healthy level.

No matter what kind or type of sheep may interest you - whether a breed for your fiber arts interests, a 4-H project, or possibly a flock of production sheep - stop by the Hall of Breeds! Breeders will be on hand to discuss the merits of the sheep they raise, along with breed history, primary purpose and characteristics. They can also provide information on breed registry and state/national association membership. For more information, contact Maralyn Fowler at

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