Left 'Til The Festival
September 8-10, 2017
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Sheep 101


A clinic for new or beginner shepherds!

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Times Events
8:00 Hospitality Hour – Sponsored by Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Co-op
9:00 Eastern Roots, Western Training - The Story of K Bar K Farm
Kathy Soder is co-owner of K Bar K Farm in central Pennsylvania with her husband Ken. They breed production-oriented, performance-tested and traditional style Polled Dorset sheep in a low-input, forage-based system, utilizing estimated breeding values (EBVs), artificial insemination using imported genetics and ultrasound in their selection program. Their goal is to produce genetically superior breeding stock suited for forage-based seedstock and commercial flocks, producing market lambs for both ethnic and more traditional markets. Come hear their story (including mistakes!) on how they developed their flock, management, and philosophy.
10:00 Facilities for Profitable Sheep Production
Making do or going new? The bottom line for many sheep producers often starts with what is available or what is affordable, such as converting an existing dairy stall barn or machine shed into sheep housing. But what if repurposing is not an option? Should you start from scratch and build from the ground up? Developing your farmstead plan will help minimize the costs over the life of your operation and potentially alleviate expensive mistakes or redos in the future. Having visited sheep operations around Wisconsin, Dave Kammel, Professor and Extension Engineer, University of Wisconsin-Madison weighs the pros and cons of both approaches for commercial, purebred and dairy facilities. He will focus on options for building or remodeling facilities for animal comfort and proper ventilation.
11:00 Direct Marketing – What You Can and Can’t Do
Thinking of selling meat at a farmers market, off the farm or through a CSA? What to know before you take the plunge. Jeff Sindelar, Extension Meat Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Madison
1:00 Make It Last! Extending the Grazing Season
Grazing is the cheapest way to feed your ewes and stockpiling forage can keep your sheep on pasture well into the winter months. A successful late-season pasture program takes the right species, timing, fertilization and proper grazing management. Dan Undersander, Forage Agronomist, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
2:00 ‘Old Shepherds’ Roundtable
An open forum and your opportunity to question “seasoned” producers on management, marketing and more!
3:00 Think Like a Sheep - Understanding Grazing Behavior
Why do sheep graze most in the morning and evening? Why didn’t they eat this patch of forage? Why won’t they eat the new grain I just gave them? Are they getting enough nutrition on pasture? And why aren’t those new sheep I just bought doing well on pasture? Many of us have asked ourselves those very same questions. This presentation will provide information on grazing behavior of sheep and how we can use that behavior to our advantage in our pasture management. Dr. Kathy Soder, Animal Scientist, USDA-ARS Pasture Systems & Watershed Management Research Unit, University Park, Pennsylvania.
4:00 Management Lab – Flock Health
Todd Taylor, Shepherd, Arlington Sheep Unit, University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses what to do before calling the vet, basic signs of sickness in sheep, firewalling your flock against disease and health concerns when buying sheep.


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